Cloud Hosting

ECHK provides cloud hosting services based on utility model that is available as a service rather than a package. Depending upon the ongoing demand, customer will only pay for what they use. Cloud hosting has the benefit of reliability, responsive load balancing, physical security, utility style costing and physical security.

We help our clients navigate the changing technology landscape of cloud platforms and services to identify the right tools for the right technologies and solutions. Through cloud based strategies our clients are changing the way enterprises do business.

The Right Cloud Platform

Cloud Migration

We offer a cost effective cloud strategy by identifying the cloud services provider that best fits specific needs, architecting a platform solution, and migrating both content and applications efficiently.

Ongoing OPtimization

We Ensure that your cloud deployment is properly priced, appropriately sized and optimally utilized

Support and Maintenance

No matter how fast your traffic increases we always ensure that the platform we deliver is scalable. We take care of the ongoing support and maintannce so that our customer can focus more on sales and marketing.


We truly understand the value of data security in this era of growing cyber crimes. We make sure that all data path are end-to-end secured and encrypted.

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