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Finding the right partner to support you with the delivery of a software development project can be a challenge. Will the partner understand my business and the requirements of the application? How do I build innovation into the process? How can I demonstrate value back to the business quickly, not next year? How do I control the costs of the project? These are all common concerns that we hear from our clients.

Our Project based Dedicated Resource Outsourcing service is designed to meet your requirements and tackle these types of challenges.

dedicated resources for software development

We will work in close partnership with you to deliver your software development project, utilizing either a waterfall or agile approach, or if required, offering a hybrid model that will combine upfront requirements capture with agile delivery.

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If you are looking for a high quality partner who will enable you to control costs whilst building in innovation on your software development project, we would welcome the opportunity to share with you how ECHK dedicated resource outsourcing service can work for you and your business.

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